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Elton Winslow
Interim Head of School

Audrey Quattlebaum
Administrative Assistant

Joanna Lassiter
Business Officer

Briley Hedrick
Guidance Counselor

Joe Maione
Director of Athletics

Laura Batts
Lower School Director

Barbara Outland
Director of Advancement

Gail Dilday
Pre School Director


The Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the general oversight and control of the school. It supervises all financial accounts and activities of Ridgecroft School and approves each year’s budget, making revisions as necessary.  The board also oversees the physical needs of the school, prepares long and short range plans, and makes recommendations for maintenance improvements and expansions of all facilities.    The board appoints the headmaster of the school and has final approval over recommendations submitted by the headmaster.  Removed from day-to-day operations, the Board of Trustees serves as a legislative or policy-making body, not as an executive agency.

2016-2017 MEMBERSHIP

Chairman:Chip Rose

Vice-President: Charlie Cole

Secretary: Cheryl Slachta

Treasurer: Frank Jones

Ex-Officio – Interim Headmaster Elton Winslow

Ex-Officio-Director of Advancement -Barbara Outland

Athletic President: Robby Birdsong

PTO President: Kyleen Burgess

Joy Futrell

Casey Liverman

Greg Joyner

Susan Hoggard

Donny Lassiter

Executive Committee:
Chip Rose
Charlie Cole
Cheryl Slachta
Frank Jones
Elton Winslow