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Laura Batts

Language Arts

Language Arts

we are continuing to work on verbs

Our story this week is 

Spelling-Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Neptune Pluto



p.314-320 ordered pairs, symmetry, transformations, solid figures, 


Social Studies

Social Studies- we will be starting our unit on unit 4.

We are continuing to work on Geography. Make sure you study for your 50 state quiz on Wednesday.

Students will choose a state to report on and prepare a dish from their state. They will be given weekly packets to complete. Students will need to purchase a report cover. 


Science- We will begin working on our Solar System Unit. We will be learning about the planets and the phases of the moon. If you see any space related news (rocket launch, meteor shower, ect.) please share the news on our class Facebook page so we can all possibly see what is happening. We will be taking our field trip in the spring to the Virginia Air and Space Center in Hampton, Va. We also will be presenting our Solar System play at the conclusion of our unit. 

Our focus this week will be on planet and moon research. We will begin work on our solar system play. Students need a large sheet of poster board for their planet costume.