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What does Accreditation mean? 

Accreditation of private schools in North Carolina is totally optional. We are very proud to say that Ridgecroft has been accredited since 1984. Ridgecroft started the accreditation process in 1982. After a two-year, extensive review of school, Ridgecroft became accredited in 1984. Simply put, accreditation is a formal process for school improvement. Accreditation assures that Ridgecroft is meeting established standards of effective teaching and families are getting value for their tuition dollars. 

Accreditation requires the school to regularly undergo evaluation by faculty, parents and outside educators who are vetted by the accreditation organization. Since Ridgecroft is an accredited school, we are constantly striving to maintain our strengths and improve upon any weaknesses. Ridgecroft was recently evaluated in 2019 for accreditation standards and it was successful! Ridgecroft has remained accredited with AdvancED (former Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) since 1984.