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Family Service Hours 

If you have a certain talent or profession (carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, computers, graphic design, etc.), please contact the Front Office. There is a long list of projects and repairs that are ongoing during the year.

Service Hour Year 
  • The service hour year is June 1– May 31
Service Hours Purpose
  • Involve all parents/families in the ownership of Ridgecroft School
  • Increase family involvement and awareness
  • Increase pride in Ridgecroft School and its facilities
  • Increase communication between faculty, staff and parents
Service Hours Guidelines
  • Each Ridgecroft family is required to complete 25 service hours each school year.
    • Family may include extended family such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • Once high school students have earned their own community service hours and have been approved by their advisor, students may help earn service hours towards his/her family requirement.
  • Service hours may be satisfied at $25.00 per hour
    • All service hour accounts must be settled by May 31
    • Remaining balance of hours on May 31 will be assessed at the hourly rate of $25.00 
    • All senior families must have service hours worked or paid in full to participate in graduation activities
    • Report cards will be held until all service hours have been satisfied.
  • For every hour worked, you will receive one service hour
    • Baked goods – For every event you provide a baked good; you will receive one service hour. (Teacher’s Bazaar Bake Sale, extracurricular club sponsored bake sales, concession stands)
    • Donating Items – For every $25.00 of items donated to the school, you will receive one service hour. (Please provide receipt of expenses to the front office)
    • Field trip chaperones – 2 hour maximum for chaperones on day field trips. Chaperones will be allowed to record the actual hours volunteered for any overnight field trip.
    • Transporting Athletes to games – You must carry your own child and two additional athletes to record service hours for your driving time. You may not record time for attending the game or watching your child play. Only record driving time.
Recording Service Hours
  • Families are responsible for recording their own service hours using FACTS website - enter through the Family Portal.
  • All hours are to be logged into your Family Portal in FACTS which is available online 24/7

Service Hour Opportunities 

Attend PTO meetings – Help plan enrichment activities for students, teacher appreciation, teachers’ lounge snacks, Box Tops for Education, concession stand volunteers, lunchroom volunteers, Father/Daughter dance, Christmas/Spring concerts, Plant/Christmas greenery fundraisers
Attend Athletic Association meetings – Help plan homecoming BBQ sale, Golf Tournament, Athletic Banquet, concession stand volunteers, gate duty volunteers
Athletic Fields maintenance – mow grass on Athletic Fields, spray for weeds, line fields
Contact: Susan Colvin, Athletic Director


Help teachers in classrooms with copies, filing, etc.
Contact: Individual teachers


Plan/attend class parties, field trips
Contact: Individual teachers and PTO class representatives


Assist in the front office with copies/mailing/paper shredding


Substitute teach (unpaid)


Make/deliver BBQ plates during the Homecoming BBQ sale 


Help set up/clean up Jr./Sr. Prom
Contact: Jr. Class Advisor


Help plan Spring Auction  – decorations, center pieces, sponsors, acquisitions, invitation design, lighting, set up tables/chairs, clean gym/stage/locker rooms/bathrooms/clean up 
Contact: Development 


Buildings and Ground Maintenance – painting inside the school, weedeating, spraying round up, flower bed maintenance, lights/wiring in classrooms, ceiling tile replacement
Chaperone field trips (2 hour maximum on day trips)