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Frequently Asked Questions About Annual Giving



What is the Ridgecroft Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a permanent, recurring fundraising effort with the distinct purpose of supporting immediate school operating priorities and curriculum enhancements.

My family already pays tuition.  Why should I donate money to the Annual Fund as well?

Gifts are necessary because tuition gives your child access to more than you are paying for.  At Ridgecroft, like at the vast majority of all independent schools, tuition does not cover the full cost of educating a child. Your gift supports the people and programs that make Ridgecroft so special—talented teachers, small classes, up-to-date technology, accommodations for differences in learning styles, and exceptional offerings in everything from arts to athletics. The Annual Fund gives Ridgecroft School the resources to set itself above other educational options in our area.

Why not just set tuition high enough to cover expenses?

Higher tuition might prevent some parents from enrolling their children. We want to make Ridgecroft School accessible to as many families as possible, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Also, contributions to Annual Giving are tax deductible while tuition is not.

How are contributions used?

Annual Giving gifts are unrestricted, so they can be used where they are needed the most. Every dollar donated is used immediately to maintain excellence, by meeting the school's most important needs and opportunities, including new and ongoing programs in the classroom, library and computer resources, arts and athletic supplies, building and grounds maintenance, and other initiatives. 

Why is it important to participate?

A robust Annual Giving campaign ensures the best possible programs, facility, and faculty for the students.  Annual Giving is the foundation of all fund raising at Ridgecroft School.  Your participation sends a powerful message of your belief in the school’s mission. A high percentage of participation is just as crucial as the actual dollars raised because foundations often review participation rates in considering awarding grants to Ridgecroft School.

How much of a difference can my gift make, really?

Ridgecroft School has fewer supporters than a university or a large charity does. Because the number who will give is small but the need is large, every gift counts more!

My children graduated years ago. Why should I donate?

A strong Ridgecroft is important to the entire community! The availability of a good independent school is a concern for many families considering moving into the area. Also, as Ridgecroft thrives, the value of a Ridgecroft diploma increases.

Are there tax benefits available when I give to Ridgecroft School?

Gifts to the Ridgecroft Annual Fund are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.




Annual Giving Levels


Founder’s Society ($5000 and up)
President’s Club ($2500—$4999)
Headmaster’s Club ($1000—$2499)
Ram’s Club ($500—$999)
Century Club ($100—$499)
Blue and White Club ($1—$99)